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Better Life in Tech

Let’s have an upbeat and positive and encouraging blog: each post, about 300 words, is easily tweetable, geeky. I’m looking for hope, and love, and truth, and wonder and security

I also want my text to be dense like you’re not going to get it the first read through or maybe *you will*.

So, Happy New Year’s!  It’s great you made it through last year.  And now we’re at the start of another year.  You deserve the best topics like

  • Software development
  • What will AI be after Neural Nets have run their course?
  • What will Neural Nets be after it’s no longer considered “AI” but merely a tool in a programmer’s belt.
  • Quantum computing
  • nanomaterials like graphene, though there’s dozens more than that now
  • software is eating the world
  • get busy living or get busy dying
  • Can we compile code to a NN?  Or take a NN and turn it into linear code?
  • Astro physics,
  • Optimism in tech developments
  • Programming
  • Plus dealing with depression
  • And looking for ways to cure the damage done in brains that are no longer elastic
  • All while being a Christian

All these topics and more in the year ahead.

So, I want you to know that you’re worth more than you can imagine.

You be you!

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