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A bit over a year ago, I had a psych assessment and it confirmed I have a form of ADHD: the inattentive form.  I have problems keeping my attention on my work.

Throughout my working life I’ve gotten bored with my work.  When bored I look for distractions. The web at my fingertips, I can find distractions easily. I don’t finish work timely, which increases my boredom. I have left jobs with the hope the next one will interest me more.

Five of my eight employers have laid me off for lack of productivity. I find a job easily.  I’m motivated and interview well.

I found 2020 overwhelming.  The COVID shutdown and work from home overwhelmed me.  I got a counselor to help me.

A year of sessions later, we recognized I was depressed, and I got my doctor to diagnose me as mildly depressed. Another medical event prevented treatment. My doctor didn’t want me on both medicines.

Nine months later, I got off the other medicine and asked my doctor for anti-depression medicine. One morning, after a month on the medicine, I arrived at my desk, and said to myself, “I will work today.”

From that point on, my work interested me.  Distractions fell away. I thought I had things together.

One day at work in the cafeteria, a coworker who used to sit near me in 2019 commented I needed to made less happy. I smiled and said “Prozac will do that to you.”

A company internal website held an ADHD meme day.  Coworkers with ADHD described their struggles in meme form.

I looked at some of their memes and said to myself, “isn’t it that way for everyone?”

After another few sessions with my counselor, we decided to get me tested.

  • Summer 2020 got a counselor
  • Fall   2021 diagnosed as depressed
  • Fall   2022 started on Anti-depression medicine
  • Winter 2023 ADHD diagnosis
  • Spring 2024 today